925 Sterling Silver Dainty Smile Tragedy Mask Ring Wholesale

☉ Metal Type: Sterling Silver.
☉ Metal Stamp or Hallmark: 925
☉ Metal Purity: 92.5% Sterling.
☉ Face Measurements From South To North: 7mm(0.27")
☉ The Wholesale Dainty Smile Tragedy Mask Ring is a captivating accessory that combines contrasting emotions. With its intricate design and subtle smile, it represents the complexity of human emotions. Made from high-quality materials, it adds a touch of artistic expression to any collection.

Color :
Sterling Silver
Size :
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Product Code Color Size Wholesale Price
BAR141450-SL-4-C-2-3 4 Sterling Silver $3.60
BAR141450-SL-5-C-2-3 5 Sterling Silver $3.71
BAR141450-SL-6-C-2-3 6 Sterling Silver $3.82
BAR141450-SL-7-C-2-3 7 Sterling Silver $3.93
BAR141450-SL-8-C-2-3 8 Sterling Silver $4.04
BAR141450-SL-9-C-2-3 9 Sterling Silver $4.15
BAR141450-SL-10-C-2-3 10 Sterling Silver $4.26
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