How to identify real Sterling Silver?

How to identify real sterling silver?

Fake Sterling Silver vs. Real Sterling Silver

The easiest way to find out if your sterling silver really exists is to find a copy of your piece. Silver rings, necklaces, and bracelets bear the 925 mark. In rings, the seal is usually on the inner line. Often, bracelets and necklaces are on the bracelet or with a special charm. However, anyone can apply a jewelry stamp, regardless of its authenticity. Tracking the stamp is not the best way to determine if your money is real. Use one of the other methods together to get to know each other better.

Level of Purity

Pure silver itself is too soft to use for long-lasting jewelry, so it is mixed with alloys to help it harden and stay durable. Real silver jewelry should be at least 92.5% pure silver, and the rest is made from other alloys. The level of purity is usually indicated by a .925 engraving on the jewelry. Find this stamp on the back of silver pendants, clasps, and inner rings.

Steer afar from Silver Plate

Silver-plated jewelry is typically not real silver. Once the silver plating tarnishes or begins to wear off, it reveals the important metal beneath. a number of these metals will cause skin rashes and metal allergies. watch out for buying jewelry that's merely silver-plated by trying to find the (A1) engraving.

Measure the weight

Easier than this, you can check your jewelry by weight. Find a piece that you are sure is sterling or real money. Compare the weights of the two with your hands or a gram scale. If both are in weight, you will have a piece of real sterling silver.

Magnet Testing


Is silver magnetic? A simple answer gives you an easy quiz to try. No, money is not magnetized. Examine your jewelry with strong magnets. Move the magnets slowly. If your paper breaks on magnets, that means it is not real sterling silver.

Nitric Acid Check

Another way to identify pretend alloy jewelry is to check it in a nitric acid, this can be done by a local jewelry store but can also be done at home. The nitric acid test is usually done on an imperceptible area of the jewelry. Scrub the area well until the surface coating is removed. Apply a few drops of nitric acid right away and wait a few minutes. If the liquid turns dark gray, it is sterling silver. If the liquid turns green, this means that the body is silver-plated.

The Tarnish and Cloth Test

Obviously, if your ring starts to tangle after a while, it will definitely be sterling silver. But you never want to wait too long! Another way to measure money is to rub the garland with a white cloth. If the material is silver, the fabric will turn black as it removes stains on the surface.

But how do you know when it's bad? Maybe your ring left a green mark on the skin. This is because drugs are used to give things a silver look, you should know that some luxury sterling silver manufacturers have started adding rhodium to their rings. They put a thick layer on the surface to prevent such stains. Remember that silver jewelry is never made up of 100% pure silver. Sterling silver is mixed with alloy to make it durable and long-lasting. The most reliable way to ensure you buy real silver jewelry is to buy from a trusted seller like


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