6MM Byzantine Chain Yellow Gold 925 Sterling Silver 8-28 Inches


Stock up your inventory with the exquisite 6MM Byzantine Chain, a masterpiece in craftsmanship and design for wholesale purchase. This luxurious chain is meticulously crafted from .925 Sterling Silver and finished with a radiant layer of yellow gold, offering both durability and unparalleled elegance. The Byzantine chain, known for its intricate, textural design and historical significance, provides a touch of classic sophistication that appeals to a wide range of customers.

Item Specifications:

  • Metal Type: Premium .925 Sterling Silver, ensuring a foundation of quality and strength.
  • Metal Stamp or Hallmark: Each chain is stamped with .925, verifying its purity and authenticity.
  • Metal Purity: Comprised of 92.5% Sterling Silver, guaranteeing a high-quality product with a substantial feel.
  • Gauge: A robust 6mm gauge creates a bold statement piece that remains versatile for both everyday wear and special occasions.
  • Chain Length: Offering an extensive range from 8 inches to 28 inches, accommodating all preferences for chain length and style.

This 6MM Byzantine Chain in Yellow Gold over Sterling Silver is a versatile addition to any jewelry business, perfect for those looking to diversify their product line with pieces that exude luxury and historical charm. Its broad range of lengths makes it suitable for a variety of jewelry pieces, from bracelets to necklaces, allowing your customers to find their perfect fit.

Whether for layering with other pieces or wearing as a standalone statement, the Byzantine chain is a timeless choice that blends ancient elegance with modern luxury. Offer your clients the opulence of gold and the reliability of sterling silver with this stunning chain, a surefire way to enhance your collection and appeal to discerning shoppers seeking unique and high-quality jewelry.

Color :
Yellow Tone
Item Display Length: :
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Product Code Color Size Wholesale Price
SQ-BYZANTINE-140-YG-8 8 Yellow Tone $98.68
SQ-BYZANTINE-140-YG-9 9 Yellow Tone $111.00
SQ-BYZANTINE-140-YG-20 20 Yellow Tone $246.67
SQ-BYZANTINE-140-YG-24 24 Yellow Tone $296.01
SQ-BYZANTINE-140-YG-28 28 Yellow Tone $345.33
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