3 Stone Engagement Ring Garnet CZ 925 Sterling Silver

Item Specifications:
Metal Type: Sterling Silver
Metal Stamp or Hallmark: 925
Metal Purity: 92.5% Sterling.
Gemstone: Simulated Garnet CZ
Gemstone Creation Method: Simulated
Face Measurements From South To North: 4mm(0.15")

The 3 Stone Engagement Ring will cover sophistication, featuring one simulated garnet cz center stone with two others on each side. This 925 sterling silver with 92.5% purity assures durability at the same time as shine. This means the simulated garnet CZ gemstone was cut and shaped to perfection to imitate the exquisite beauty of the natural garnets, which brings an air of sophistication. With a 4mm face measurement from south to north, it indeed will command your eyes. This best serves a jewelry business that is looking to serve its customers with style and affordability in one piece. An engagement ring of this kind is surely a piece that needs to be added to your collection.

Color :
Simulated Garnet CZ
Size :
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Product Code Color Size Wholesale Price
SRC16687-GN-03-C-3-2 3 Simulated Garnet CZ $7.64
SRC16687-GN-04-C-3-2 4 Simulated Garnet CZ $7.64
SRC16687-GN-05-C-3-2 5 Simulated Garnet CZ $7.64
SRC16687-GN-06-C-3-2 6 Simulated Garnet CZ $7.64
SRC16687-GN-07-C-3-2 7 Simulated Garnet CZ $7.64
SRC16687-GN-08-C-3-2 8 Simulated Garnet CZ $7.64
SRC16687-GN-09-C-3-2 9 Simulated Garnet CZ $7.64
SRC16687-GN-10-C-3-2 10 Simulated Garnet CZ $7.64
SRC16687-GN-11-C-3-2 11 Simulated Garnet CZ $7.64
SRC16687-GN-12-C-3-2 12 Simulated Garnet CZ $7.64
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