1.2MM Rose Gold Spiga Wheat Chain 925 Sterling Silver 7 -24 Inches


Product Features:

  • Metal Composition: Utilizes premium 925 Sterling Silver as its base, ensuring durability and a long-lasting shine.
  • Quality Certification: Each chain is marked with the .925 stamp, certifying its authenticity and sterling silver purity.
  • Metal Purity: Comprised of 92.5% Sterling Silver, offering an optimal blend of brilliance and strength.
  • Gauge: The chain's 1.2mm gauge presents a fine, delicate appearance, perfect for those who appreciate subtle elegance.
  • Length Variability: Available in sizes ranging from 7 inches to 24 inches, accommodating various preferences and styles, from bracelets to longer necklaces.
Color :
Rose Tone
Item Display Length: :
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Product Code Color Size Wholesale Price
WHEAT-SPIGA-030-RG-7 7 Rose Tone $3.86
WHEAT-SPIGA-030-RG-8 8 Rose Tone $4.41
WHEAT-SPIGA-030-RG-16 16 Rose Tone $8.83
WHEAT-SPIGA-030-RG-18 18 Rose Tone $9.92
WHEAT-SPIGA-030-RG-20 20 Rose Tone $11.05
WHEAT-SPIGA-030-RG-22 22 Rose Tone $12.13
WHEAT-SPIGA-030-RG-24 24 Rose Tone $13.24
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