Guide To Buy Authentic Jewelry from Wholesale Silver Jewelry Suppliers

Buying wholesale silver jewelry online should be a vigilant and cautious process. Reasonably prepared Sterling silver jewelry is not generally defined by its higher or lower quality; the cost of the jewelry is mostly the same around the globe. In case in the chosen pieces there is a difference in the cost, it will be because of the jewelry’s weight and it doesn’t matter even it was made by hand. 

When you are selecting sterling silver jewelry from Wholesale Silver Jewelry Suppliers, make sure to carefully check the workmanship. Cheap silver jewelry will be mixed with imperfect metals and substances and will feel waxy to the overall touch. Such cheap jewelry can normally be broken simply by one pull. Since these jewelleries are normally made by machines so the cost would be significantly less. 

Identifying Sterling Silver -

Although sterling silver is generally cheaper than platinum, titanium, or gold jewelry, it is no doubt more expensive than the cheap, silver plated, costume jewelry that you will find on every other online jewelry store. If the seller on the online site is claiming to sell sterling silver jewelry, at the dirt cheap price make sure you give a second thought before investing in it. 

The most common way to identify sterling silver is with its hallmark or marking. The number .925 is on most pure form of sterling silver. If there is no .925 marking look for the hallmark design since some older sterling silver and/or sterling silver have a specific hallmark image at the place of .925 marking, you can look online for a list of those hallmarks. 

Once you get the silver in your hands, make sure to smell it since smelling can help you identify if the jewelry you received is authentic or not. Plated jewelry will have a real metal smell too it, sort of like a copper penny.


How To Buy From Online Wholesale Silver Jewelry Suppliers?  

The first and foremost thing is to check out the rating and feedback for the seller. Stay away from the supplier if you see a lot of feedback and reviews about the authenticity or the quality of the silver.

Don’t fall for the authenticity of the jewelry just by looking at the listing that says “Sterling Silver”; do check for the physical proof within pictures. Look for the .925 marking or the hallmark. If the jewelry listed by the supplier claims to be sterling silver, but there is no pictures proof to show it’s authenticity, then either mail the seller asking for picture for proof or move on to someone else.

Doesn’t matter which website you are buying from, sterling silver jewelry should be marked as so. You should be highly sceptical even if a single piece of “sterling silver” jewelry is not properly marked. 

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